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Charlene Dortch, MBA and SRT Master-Teacher
(804) 839-3123 - Richmond, Virginia, USA

Are you facing challenges in your life?  Challenges with your career, finances, relationships or health?  Many of the challenges people face are rooted in past lives and programs.  Releasing these issues using Spiritual Response Therapy will move you to a fuller expression of peace, harmony and healing in every aspect of your life. 

Christine Blair, Intuitive Naturopath
(804) 747-3993 - Richmond, Virginia, USA

Are you overwhelmed by alternative health care choices?  And stressed out deciding what supplements to take?  If what you've been doing hasn't worked out, now is the time to consider working with an expert.  Now is the time to contact Intuitive Naturopath, Christine Blair.  Christine is a Master Herbalist, Energy Healer and Angel Communicator who creates health plans for satisfied clients world wide.